Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 5 - (July 7, 2015)

wowowow. another great week! and sorry for my bad spelling and punctuation. still getting the hang of these keyboards. so today is my last pday here!! less than a week left and i cannot believe it. time flies.
HAPPY FOURTH! i hope you guys celebrated big because america is the greatest. except mom and dad i do support you guys celebrating in the west indies. jealous!! and looks like so much fun! so for fourth of July everyone here from north america basically wore red white and blue it was awesome. Presidente Doll let us watch copa america because i guess he counted it as a cultural experience haha. it was awesome!! all the teachers were freaking out. it went into overtime and then Chile won with the pk kicks!!! first time ever in 100 years that Chile has won so the city was absolutely insane. honking till 2 am and everyone was so happy!! we are only about a ten minute walk from the stadium so i kinda feel like we were in the middle of it all. so awesome though!! go chile!
this Sunday was solo espaƱol. the whole day. usually we do some classes in English but week 5 and 6 are all Spanish so it was a little struggle but i better get used to it right? haha it just takes so much brain power to sit there and translate every word in my head but i love that i can actually understand and get things out of lessons just like i would in English. we packed one of our suitcases this week with all of the heavy items in it and it got shipped to our missions. so no backing out now right?¡ i even shipped my English scriptures away. i have been studying in my Spanish ones and it has helped a ton. but i know that all of your prayers are definitely helping me!!

So this week is a cool week. we get to go contacting in the Santiago East mission tomorrow! i cannot wait! it is so fun to talk to the people here. me and my companions have made some friends in the mornings that we see every so often so hey maybe we will see them while we are contacting and get their information! we also get to go on splits this week as well. i absolutely cannot wait!! ahh! as much as i love it here, i cant wait to get out of the ccm.
me and my companions have learned so much with teaching our investigators here already. it is so cool because every time we teach one of us will get the thought to ask a certain question or share a certain scripture ect. and someone else in the companionship says exactly what i was thinking or about to say!! it is amazing! 

Thanks for your story mom! i loved that and i also love how you and dad are having fun in the west indies and you still share the gospel mom! every where you go, you always are talking to people and sharing the gospel and you have been the best example to me. this work is so important! i kind of want time to slow down a little because i only get 18 months out here! i love you all SO much and pray for you all every day. 

i probably won´t email next week because i will be getting my trainer and i will be in conception!! wahooooooo! there is me and one other Hermana from Argentina here who are going to my mission and about 10 elders. 



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