Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 3 (June 23, 2015)

hola! this week was a blast. 

so first let me begin with pday. we went to a liters it is like the Chilean Walmart and we bought a few and maybe too many snacks for the week so that we can survive the food here. ALSO HAPPY LATE FATHERS DAY TO ALL YOU FATHERS OUT THERE!! and happiest fathers day to you dad!! i am convinced you are the greatest dad out there. and thanks for the snacks at liters...

We explored Chile and found the cutest little bakery ever. and the best best pastries ever!!! it was a good day. i had a ton of gringo moments. whenever i say something to a Chilean and then i think in my head, gringo detected. but my Spanish is improving by leaps and bounds so thanks for any prayers that have come my way. today we get to go to the temple again and i cannot wait!

my district is way cool i think i have mentioned that before. ill send a picture of them. one kid has the same personality as Taylor and it cracks me up! but we were getting sooo unfocused and not progressing a whole ton so one day we totally switched out attitude and things have been so much better and i feel like ever since then i have been able to learn a whole ton more. 5 new districts came and so the CCM is packed now. it is kinda crazy. we had to say bye to the other districts who left and it was sad!! cant get attached to anyone in the mission though right because it is going to be a year and a half full of goodbyes. but really it is so fun here and spiritual. mom you were definitely right about that one. we have been doing weird things to entertain ourselves like your pranks that you told me about that you pulled in the mtc mom hahaha. we made our teachers do soy sauce shots if we got a Spanish sentence right. things like that. so weird but so entertaining.

we have been improving teaching and we just practice all of the time lately. it is great! We watched the video on the life of Thomas s Monson and you guys should alllll watch it. so good. but i dogged the bullet for giving a talk again. no but even this kid got up and he could barely speak any Spanish and he has been here longer than me but i love how strong you can still feel the spirit even though someone isn't speaking the perfect language. i love it. 

hmm what else happened. oh yeah mom i singed a huge hole into my skirt with the iron. i need your skills and obviously need to work on mine!! i am so jealous that you guys get to have lola with you for months. i miss dogs. there are so many here but i cant touch them because there is a change of getting rabies which is so dumb!! i love it here though so dang much. there was a quote from Elder Bednar that said something about how you are called to serve the people in your mission and also your companions. i know that i was put with  my comps for a reason and i know that i am in this specific mission for a reason. i love you all!! thanks for being the greatest. 

CHAO! (they dont use adios here)
hermana kleinman

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