Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 1

HOLAA!! so much to tell and so little time! let me just explain the MTC here. it is so pretty here. the mtc is tiny and there are only 49 missionaries here right now. my MTC presidents are so awesome and i feel like i have known them forever. my companions (i am in a trio!!) are the same way and we are already super close. there names are Hermana Jacobson from Santan Arizona and Hermana Freedman from Provo Utah. the MTC is like ten feet away from the temple and it is beautiful. there are three floors. the first two are for people who travel from parts of south america to attend the temple and the third floor is where we sleep! there is a different building for the cafeteria and for our classrooms. we get to go to this park a few blocks away every morning and its the best! my companions are runners so we run lots every morning and it starts our day off right. then we hit the classrooms. i have learned so much here! the food is not my favorite and definitely does not sit well with my stomach haha. my district is SO awesome and i am seriously so impressed by the 18 year old elders here and how strong each and everyone of their testimonies are. all of my teachers are Chileans so they really are helping us learn the Chilean way of Spanish and it is super helpful. i love it here so much!!! cool story. so the third day we were here we had to contact our first fake investigator. my Spanish is terrible right now but i had a prompting to tell him that we could come in and help him organize his furniture, he wasn't letting us in but somehow after i said that he let us in and we are teaching him now!! im glad that Spanish comes to me sometimes but most of the time it doesn't. embarrassing story. all the latinos ask you like como estas and i always so muy bueno instead of muy bien because everyone says muy bien and i wanted to spice it up ya know! come to find out, that basically means in Chile like I'am feeling sexy! hahahaha i am embarrassed for life for sure for sure. anyways i am out of time and this hour to email went by too quick. it is so spiritual here and life is so happy here. i realized this week of how important this work is!!! i love it here honestly. really really long days but short hours. i get to go explore Chile for a few hours and then i get to go to the temple!! i love you all so much!!! 

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  1. We are so excited our Hna Freedman can be with your wonderful Hna Kleinman!