Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 73 - (October 31)

This week was insane. literally. 

So we got to our sector on Tuesday and got to the nicest house or apartment I have ever seen in my mission. Actually its like a hotel. We have workers to serve us at the door every time we walk in haha I feel like a princess. AND OUR VIEW!!! amazing. the picture with my breakfast burrito is the view we study with every morning (note pictures won’t open she will fix them next email). I am in the best last area EVER. Can you say blessed? Completely.

Well we looked at our area book and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, nothing. Haha sooooo this week we have been focusing on finding. We have found a lot of good people and its awesome to just be led completely by the Holy Ghost. But I have some awesome stories. I’ll have to tell you out of my journal in a few weeks because I have to go.

But we had an open chapel and it was awesome. It’s where we invite everyone from outside and they come in and we give them a tour from banners and at the end there are two elders dressed in white in front of a filled baptism font and they challenge them to baptism. But we invited a man to come and we taught him in our tour and at the end he asked us so how can I be baptized into your church. We led him into the baptismal font and he accepted a date. He is awesome. The spirit was so strong. there are so many people ready!! We just have to find them.

Love You All!!

Hermana Kleinman​

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