Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week 75 - (November 14)

So this week we were able to see some of the fruits of our work the first two weeks in this area. and i want to touch on two of the miracles that we could see together.

So we left with a member to go to a few visits with future investigators. they weren’t in there house so we were like yeah we are here for a reason lets find people. the member saw a cute grandma and said her!! We ran to here before she entered and basically just walked into her house hahaha. Her name is Miriam. She is the cutest lady in the whole entire world. We taught her a little bit about the church because she lives right behind but never has gone. we left her with the restoration to read and the second visit she had read the whole thing and loved it!!!! we challenged her for baptism and she accepted. the next day she went to a baptism of the elders in our ward and loved loved it. she is super ready. 

We had found a lady our first week here named Nora. she told us that she goes to lots of churches because she thinks it’s a good thing but she told us that she might go to ours in the far future. So we couldn’t find her for a few days and finally we put a visit with her this last weekend. we called to confirm and she cancelled so we invited her to church obviously. she said thanks but no. 25 minutes later she called us back and said hermanas i felt something after our phone call and i want to go to your church on Sunday so we were like YES okay we will pick you up. (pick you up with our feet and walk with you hahaha) but we got to her house on sunday and her husband (YES they are married!!!!!) was getting ready because he wanted to go also. They stayed all of the three hours and LOVED it. They are excited to learn more. 

I am learning a lot about working with dilligance every hour of everyday EVERYDAY. Because I feel like we have been doing this and the miracles are coming. lots of them. We are in a ward of gold. I love the hour of power dad and I think that we are going to try and start to do that here. We are starting a book of Mormon challenge with the relief society and every week we are going to pray about who should it be and that lucky one has to write her testimony in the BofM and has to give it to someone in that week and the next Sunday she gets to share her testimony about her experience and the BofM will rotate every week with someone new. It’s going to be awesome.

Have the best week and remember that Hermana Kleinman loves you


Hermana Keinman

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