Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Week 72 - (October 24) - drum rolllllllllllllllllllllllllll

And I have received my last transfer of the mission...............its crazy.

I am going to Los Angeles!!! an area called san martin and we are opening the sector. I think there were elders there a few transfers ago. That’s what I’ve heard but I heard it’s an awesome ward!! I think it’s in the city but not too sure. But it will be fun to finish opening a new sector and the part most crazy is that I am going to be with hna Talavera again!!!!!!!! wahoo!! 

But this week. My mind is in a million places and I am trying to think of a few things that we did that I can tell you guys. This week we did divisions with a few hermanas in the other zone that we are over and it was filled with pure miracles. I was with hna Salles again from Argentina and we found a few new people to teach so we will have to see what happens there. 

On Sunday, it was voting day here in Chile so we only had the first hour of church. it was super sad to say bye to the members but they are all pumped to meet you mom and dad. Already planning down, the countdown. So it was kind of like a see you later :) We are still teaching the boyfriend of the member (we two boyfriends of two members actually) and one of them Mateas, we taught him after the sacrament meeting and he finally accepted a baptism date!!!!!!! yay! Remember Carolina the super miracle? yeah well we found her again this week and she wants to be baptized still but there is soooo much dang opposition. We went to look for her and her kids on Sunday morning for the church and the police were there for something that happened to one of her kids. Are you kidding me. But I love her and she loves the gospel. 

I’m sorry I really can’t think of everything that has happened. We could do most of our studies this week because we didn’t have tons of emergencies in the mornings and I feel so much better. It’s so important to feed our spirits with the word of God.  I love you all!!! 

ps ps ps HAPPY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY TO ALYSA!!!!!!!! I hope 25 treats you so well. sending my love from Chile!!! 


Hermana Kleinman

sorry for no pictures this week. one of the pictures I was going to send was our district leader is from Mexico and I begged him for 2 transfers to make tacos and finally he made them>!!!!!!! so. good. so. good. 

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