Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 74 - (November 7)

So let me tell you a little miracle in the dream life i am living here in Los Angeles. One day we left lunch early so we said a prayer to know where we should knock. we looked on our map and felt like we should knock this one street San Cristobal. We knocked and people rejected and rejected. We kept knocking and finally this woman with an eye patch opened the door. She said ohhhhh I know you guys and we started testifying to her. It was super-duper hot outside and so she said come in for some water!! We walked in and she starts telling us how she was just thinking that she needed to get closer to God right before we knocked her door. we put an appointment and went a few days later. We sat down a few days later and she invited her two sons to come. We started with a prayer the usual and all of the sudden she tells us that she is a member but relay less active. But she told us that a lot of elders have passed by and she has been waiting to feel how she was feeling to let them in and baptize her kids. But she didn’t feel it until we knocked her door that day. Wow right. So she bears this powerful testimony of the church and her son one of them has 15 years and she goes yeah I really want to learn from you guys. So we are pumped to teach this family.

The first person we talked to here, his name is Marco. He goes hey Helders! Haha (they all call us the Hermana elders it’s so funny) he told us to pass by his house bc his wife is a member. We passed by finally this week and guess how little the world is....the elder that baptized his wife Sonya was Brad Mortenson!!!!! They were SO SO excited when they heard that I know Brad and Cheyenne and Brecken Hahahaha. Marco still hasn’t taken the step to be baptized so we are helping him with that.

I absolutely LOVE this ward. there are so many members here and recent converts that have inspired me so much. i love the members of Chile. They are SO helpful. 

We had a conference of Hermanas with Hermana May and to try on pants. The Hermanas in my mission in the future months are all going to have pants. I didn’t have to do it. Hahaha


Hermana Kleinman


Conference of Hermanas in the north

The Mormon temple

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