Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 71 - (October 17)

A week jammed full. How we like it.

So this week we had to capacitate first in the zone of Victoria. we talked about committing people to church. We talked about how the investigators are the ones who have to make the commitment and we guide them with questions. after the zone conference we did a split but worked in trios with the Hermana’s. super fun. one of the Hermana’s had an idea where we knock doors with a balloon and a little paper with a principle inside so the person in the door opens and we ask them to pop the balloon. they pop it and we testify of what’s inside and we got into a few houses haha. I was with hna silva and hna sallez from Argentina and Brazil.

we slept on the floor and had to wake up at like 530 to get ready and travel to the other zone conference in our zone. there have been a few problems so we talked about obedience. mom i told the story about the man who was hiring people to drive his vegetables down the mountain and there were 3 people to volunteer and he hires the slowest but safest one? we used that analogy and explained how God trusts us with his children when we are exactly obedient. it was a good conference. Then we did another gran intercambio but we did it where we white washed in every sector. Haha it was sooooo much fun. I was with hna naranjo from Ecuador she’s awesome. we knocked a door and found a straight golden.

We did practices and breakfast in our zone on Saturday morning and my comp and I made breakfast burritos for all. yum. 

So we have been pretty busy but with my comp we were a little frustrated yesterday after church because all of our plans fell through. So we said a prayer and decided with the goal to knock 100 doors and we would find someone who is looking for the truth. We walked out of the chapel and saw a 78 and we were like what why is that number on our board? But we ignored and left. it was pouring rain and freezing but we started knocking and door after door we got rejected. Everyone was apparently washing their baby yesterday. so we kept knocking and knocking. it was late and we were on door number 70. we had only gotten into one house but she didn’t want much so we left. we got to number 78 and knocked Natalia’s door. She opened up and we just started to testify. she let us in and told us that she has one question and doubt. where is the truth?!! is what she said. We almost started crying and testified and left. we will see her again this week but yesterday was such a testimony builder of keep going with faith. It was a trial of our faith ad at the end like always there are miracles. Plus, it was door 78.

I have learned in these past few months that it isn’t about me at all. it isn’t about if I feel like I’m dead tired or I’m freezing or we have to do this or that... it’s about others. everything that we do should be about helping others. mom you are the best example of this.
have the most fantastic week ever!!!


Hermana Kleinman

hna Naranjo 

our zone breakfast

Mario just enjoy. hahahha i love him.

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