Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 70 - (October 10)

So this week. I am going to write with pictures because why not. We started off Monday with a family home evening with one of my favorite families of Chile. Famila Torrez. Awesome people.  Then this week we had mission counsel. We had a lady with her husband come to teach us how to teach the missionaries how they should be exercising. haha it was super funny. it was inspired though because a lot of the Hermana’s are always so sick and so she gave us a bunch of ideas. 

oh!!!! I saw Hermana Hopkins and she is finishing training this Hermana from Honduras. my other grandchild yay!

Awesome story. so after mission counsel, Presidente may and his wife were driving down to Temuco so they offered us a ride. we took the offer obviously and we stopped at their house. this is the view from their house. Absolutely beautiful. then they drove us right up to the temple. we got out to take pictures and we started talking to a girl with Hermana May and the girl told us that she was waiting for her husband to finish his work. he is a construction worker on the temple. she told us that they are getting married in February. we started talking about eternal marriage obviously and she was so intrigued. she said that she goes their everyday almost but has no idea what the temple is. they both aren’t members and she was very excited for the missionaries to pass by in her house in Concepcion. but the temple is going to be amazing here. Can’t wait. 

 So this week we found the promised street. hahha there is a sector in our area with all book of Mormon names. we actually knocked the house with this sign and she let us in. At first I was super excited because I thought this was evidence of the book of Mormon and we told the members and they told us that an old member tons of years ago named this place.

we did service as a zone in a little pueblo. at the firefighter house super fun, we sanded walls and I think that I still have dust in my nose.

SANDRA. so miracle. we were going to teach our convert Mario this week and we couldn’t enter because he was alone and we didn’t have a member so we were like Mario invite your neighbor and so she came over. she loved the service that we did in the house of Mario and she accepted a baptism date. she then came to the stake conference the next day!!! she loved loved it. hahaha when we challenged her to baptism and she accepted Mario goes [WOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I won’t be the alone anymore!!!!! let’s baptize all of the Paltos (his street)] hahahaha I love Mario Mormon. so now we are going to use this tactic to all the neighbors of Mario.

Today we went to Cerro Ñielol!!!!!!!!! it’s so dang pretty the view. hahaha we saw a bunch of mapuches and they were doing some ritual,

Oh whoops it sent without me finishing. But I love you all. Sounds like you guys are living the life too. Know that I am the happiest and I wouldn’t trade my place for anything in the whole entire world. I am doing what I love and loving what I do. 


Hermana Kleinman

PS know that there is a Hermana (basically a Chilean) kneeling and praying for you guys every single night.

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