Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 66 - (September 12)

Fambam! First off, if you didn’t take my cardboard cutout to Hawaii with you guys I am ashamed. just kidding. kind of. But guess what. I AM STAYING IN MY SECTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we are breaking the record here in our ward LicanRay. I will have 7 months and a half and so will my comp Hermana Ricagno hahaha we decided that we might move our records here forever and ask for a permanent calling. but we are sooooooo happy to stay together and see tons of more miracles!! my comp started her mission here in our ward but in another sector and that’s why she is going to have 7 months and a half. BUT super cool. we are now going to be over the Hermana’s in Victoria too and it’s about an hour away from Temuco so this will be interesting for this cambio. 

this week we have just been receiving references. miracles seriously. I love being a missionary. I love getting to testify every day to everyone that Jesus Christ lives. And that HIS church is here on the earth. this week we found lots of new investigators who are super cool. Dad you like facts. We found 12 news and the average for our mission is 7 new people to teach every week. 

one of the new people we found two weeks ago, we thought ehh she’s good but we didn’t think she would progress super-fast. Her name is Cintia. we went back this week and we were so wrong. Sometimes the diamonds don’t shine or at least we can’t see their potential. She has four daughters and her husband. she came to church this Sunday with one of her daughters. We walked in early and she was sitting on the benches the first one at church in the morning. miracle. She LOVED it. in our prayer at her house the second time, we had finished praying and she told us that during the prayer she felt like Jesus Christ was sitting in front of her speaking and not us. A really sweet reminder that we are true representatives of our Savior Jesus Christ. She just wants the best for her kids and her family and we were able to testify about how the gospel blesses families. Thanks mom and dad for being such great examples to me and showing me how the gospel can bless families.

I am going to send a few pictures!!
My district woop woop!

This is my zone the past transfer and we made these because an elder had to go home early for sickness

These are all of the hermanas that we were over this last transfer! during our sister conference. we had a super fun conference and every hermana and her comp presented a Christ like attribute and how this attribute has helped them progress this transfer. we had prayed and assigned each one before. I love them all. Aren’t they the cutest!!?

This is Alicia and Katalina and they are sooooo awesome. It was actually a really cool experience so about 4 months ago we were buying our food and Alicia checked us out. We had lots of things to buy and we were chatting about what we do as missionaries and she told us how her daughter Katalina needs help and so we took her number down. Her number didn’t work and so we lost contact. Then one week ago we were walking and there is a part of our sector where there are a million apartments and they are all the same color of blue. We felt like knocking one of the blocks. we knocked and got rejected, knocked some more in this block and got rejected hard. then the last door on the top floor we thought Ya we are going to enter in this apartment and find a new person to teach. we knocked and we heard ¨¨ahhh!!!¨¨ Alicia opened her door and basically yelled come in!!!! She was like how did you guys find me?! I am so happy!! They came to the activity of our ward of the 18 and loved it. turns out they have tons of friends in our ward. Such a small world.

haha we played tons of games and got killed in tug of war. Missionaries vs. young woman’s

This week is going to be insane!!! we have 18 this Sunday and it’s like 10 times as big as Christmas here in Chile. We don’t work for 3 days. Saturday, Sunday or Monday and we get to eat with the members and ¨¨enjoy the Chilean culture¨¨ as President May says. We also get to go to conce tomorrow to have our MLC. We get to capacitate again with my comp to the other STL´s-. So we only have two complete days to tear it up here in Temuco. People keep reminding me how little time I have left and its freaking me out. But I have to soak up every minute right?

I love you all!! Enjoy Hawaii for me and I will enjoy beautiful Chile for you all. Sean Felices!!! Hermana Kleinman y Hermana Ricagno les dicen.

haha some Spanish for you to practice

hermana kleinman 

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