Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 67 - (September 20)

Soooooooooooo this week was a little different and I’ll explain why.

Monday: we had our Pday like normal but then the micros (the little buses that we have to take to and from our sector) weren’t ´passing by very often so we only got to work for about an hour.

Tuesday: we got to wait in the bus terminal for all the new Hermanas to get to the south and to our zones and then in the evening we traveled the 5 hours in the bus with the other leaders to mission leaders counsel in Concepcion!

 We had the counsel and it was AWESOME. President talked about not only baptizing but he talked about how we are here to establish the church and we analyzed that word and talked about different ways for the rest of our lives how we can help establish the church. I love that because especially here in Chile there are so many less actives. Soooo many. too many. but we have been praying with my comp lately about this and how we can help the less actives in our ward be stronger and how we can with the ward complete our goal of 140 people assisting every Sunday. Its rising slowly but we received tons of ideas in counsel with Pres to help even more. We also talked about practices and how important those are. Our mission is super new. Tonsss of new new missionaries. But after counsel we traveled back to our house super late.

We traveled in the morning to the other city we are over of the Hermana’s in Victoria and stayed for their district meetings. We got to see Hermana Talavera and she was super happy :) but then we finally got to work a half day in our sector! and Thursday night Nicolas called us (our convert) and told us that he needed a spiritual boost and that he wanted to leave and work with us the next day.

We finally had a day to work fully in our sector and we saw miracles!!!!!! seriously. we had put in our agendas a bunch of old investigators and futures from our area book and we didn’t have really a fixed visit because nobody answered the day before but literally we knocked about 6 houses and entered into 5 of them and we able to find a bunch of news and Nicolas was so spiritually pumped. it was great.

Hahhaa here’s were the free time comes in. we had all of this day free and we received tonssssssss of food from the members. so good. I love Chile. and this weekend is bigger than Christmas here. but all the shops closed down after lunch. we were able to clean our house super profoundly.

Sunday: 18!!!!!! So cool. we sang the national hymn of Chile in sacrament and ate more food. Haha we used all of the evening to plan our whole cambio and plan for our ward. It was awesome to have time to have a good planning session. 

Monday: everything was closed in Chile so that’s why we couldn’t write you guys yesterday buttttt we took a nap and it’s been so long and my comp and I took an hour long shower. Haha that hasn’t happened my whole mission. we also were able to write in our journals. So many things that normally there isn’t time for in the mission but ah I’m so excited for this week to work. It’s going to be another busy week. We are so busy with the two zones and Hermana’s and our sector I feel like I really don’t have much time to think about anything but the mission. I love it and I love this privilege. 

I am happy that you guys had a steller week in Hawaii and be happy for me because I am having a steller life here in Chile. it’s going to be hard to make me go home one day. I love you all and pray for you daily. 

PS I want each one of you to send me something from your personal studies this week that you learned. ready go. 

hermana Kleinman

waiting in the bus terminal wahooooo

HERMANA BOWLING MI HIJA AMADA IS TRAINING A PHILIPPINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is opening a sector in Concepcion and training ah i love her. so proud.  



the best cake in the world with the best comp
hahahahhaha we thought the volcano erupted one night we were freaking out but it was just the moon 

story with the dresses in the dump. hahahah we bought some dresses and we had cleaned our house that day so we were praying and it came to our minds noooooo the dresses we threw them away!! so in the night with our guard we had to go dumpster diving 

one of the fams that we ate with on 18
its a law here to have a flag out on this weekend. 

 anddddddd guinette and javiera made us empanadas!!

Ecuador Peru Argentina and the us!! these are the Hermanas that i live with. 

i love chile

our pretty morning view and one of the volcano's that we can see outside of our window 

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