Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week 64 - (August 29)

(those that know my singing abilities will understand this miracle). We had a mini exchange with two sisters of Chile this week and it was so much fun. I was with Hermana Bazaes and she is super super awesome. We entered into this house with a woman and her sister has terminal cancer. super sad. Hna Bazaes was like hna Kleinman I can’t sing can you? and i was like no but we can try? we thought of a hymn super quick and we both had said a little prayer in our heart that somehow it would come out okay.... we started singing and seriously it came out good and in harmony. i don’t even know how. the women started crying and said thank you that was so beautiful!! hahaha it was such a miracle. it reminded me of that story of our great great grandmother who was a pioneer and sang to the Indians and she somehow sang in their lounges. 

This week was interesting, we got rejected a lot a lot but it helped us look for the little miracles and smiles in every day. Carolina and her two kids came to church and her little boy LOVED primary :) Mario is so pumped to be Mario Mormon its awesome. He is just super worried to be baptized with his one leg that it is going to float or something and that he will slip and drown. pray for him.

Temuco is so pretty right now and the perfect weather I am SO happy. I love you all. I am so happy i have the pleasure to serve my Heavenly Father and represent my Savior Jesus Christ. You guys also have the opportunidad to serve even though you don’t have black plaques. You have your plaque written on your heart.


Hermana Kleinman

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