Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 68 - (September 26) busy busy busy

This week kind of feels like it was a yearlong but at the same time light speed.

Miracles this week. I am really learning that when you completely forget yourself and work for others God really puts miracles in our paths. 

We had two zone conferences this week and we talked about establishing the church in our own wards in one conference and then we talked about how to obedecer con la actitude de exactitud (to obey with the attitude of exactness) but it sounds cooler in Spanish. It’s been kind of crazy with having the Hermana’s so far in Victoria. an awesome experience though, one day we felt like the next morning we should go and study with the Hermana’s there in Victoria. that night their district leader called us and told us that they were super sad and everything and so that called confirmed our plans. We woke up super early and took a few buses to get to their house. We were buying them a treat at a little store right next to their house and we got a call from one of the Hermana’s saying hey I need to talk to you guys right now I’m having problems with my comp and I don’t know what to do!!! We were like okay yeah wait one sec and we knocked on their door. haha she was soooo happy to see us and was so confused. Literally the timing of God is perfect and it was a miracle. we were in Victoria yesterday after church again and we were able to do divisions with two Hermana’s there. another miracle, we couldn’t find any of her plans or nobody wanted to let us in so we said a prayer and felt like we should knock a certain street and only knock the houses with lights on. we knocked them all and the last house with the light on let us in and it was a family who is awesome!!! we got back from Victoria this morning.

in our sector we were walking one day and we felt like stopping a woman with her son (Barbara). Turns out that she is from Argentina haha my comp was so happy. But we were able to put a visit with her and the next day we went. She accepted a baptism date right away and told us that she is looking for something for her family but she can’t figure out what it is. The gospel obviously. She is married!!! and she came to church on Sunday and loved it loved it.

We have seen so many miracles in our sector lately and the people who I have told you about in other weeks are progressing slowly but surely towards their baptisms. I don know if I have mentioned Cintia and her fam. If not the next week. She is so golden!!!

 we had a meeting with our stake president and he kind of gave a little wake up to our bishop which was nice. our stake pres. wants to split our ward and put a branch in Fundo el carmen (where we live) and so we have lots of plans in our sector to make it stronger when they do the split. We are trying new things to get the families who assist every other week to come every week. We are doing a fishing game with all of the members so that they can share the gospel too. We saw a huge growth in the wards attendance this week and it was greattttt. some crazy things to change in our ward but I know anything is possible with God. anything.

I am so grateful for my mission every day. it really is the best year and a half for my life and thankful for every one of you. love you all!!! Be the best members that you guys can be.


Hermana Kleinman

hahhahha we were in the bus and a rapper man came on and he looked at me and goes seƱorita a word? We both (my comp and I) said baptism and he goes ok and then he made a rap about baptism. Mom and dad you are going to love the micros!!!

1.hahaha We see this almost every day. I love Chile

2. part of the people who came to our ward family home evening! We did a talent show it was soooooooo fun!!

3. the service that we got to do with our stake I don’t remember

4. my comp made the cutest little cards to say thanks to the members who helped us this week!!

5. this morning in Victoria with the Hermana’s there

Sister Conference

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