Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 60 (August 1)

WOW. I have lots to tell you guys. 

First off, I want to tell you how special the baptism service of Jonathan and Leonardo was. One of my favorites that’s for sure. There were tons of opposition this week. The morning of their interview for their baptism. Jonathan called us and told us that he was up all night looking on the internet and he was doubting everything. I was thinking that Reed needs to take down the ant Mormon websites hahaha. but we went and talked with him and that night they had their interviews and passed. When Leonardo was going to sign his baptism record the elders said that he was so excited and said I am going to be Mormon!!!!  the day of their baptism was crazy. we had to wake up at like 5 to go and look for the baptism clothes at the house of our mission leader. He accidentally fell asleep and we were outside of his house for 2 hours knocking in the cold. FINALLY, he opened up ahhhh. then we went and got chased by some lamas hahahaha. Their baptism was at 7 and we went to their house before and walked with their whole family to the church. TONS of members came it was awesome. President and Hermana May were also there for a little! it was super spiritual and the mom Mirium was balling. She said that she felt so happy to see her kids make that decision. The next day they were confirmed and their blessings were so special. We recorded them and are going to write them down so that they can remember forever. It was such a good weekend. Oh and I got to give a talk in church. It was on missionary work but I based it on the question what would Jesus do? 

ah sorry I don’t have tons of time but we have changes!! my companion is leaving and I am staying here in Temuco. I am going to have 6 months in this ward!! What? and my new comp is going to be from Argentina. I love her! President May called me on Saturday and called me to be a Hermana Cap. We are going to be in charge of 12 Hermanas

here’s some pics-

the lama

and my comp and I won our Copa of our zone!!.

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