Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 31 (January 4)

First off....congrats to the new baby Madeline!!! She is SO cute. And congrats to Brent and Clara!!! I have another amazing sister in law woohoo!! Exciting things in the good old 480.

This week has been really random but also really awesome. I learned more this week I think than any other week in my mission.

We got permission from President to ride bicycles here in Gorbea!!! Best thing of my life. Seriously. It made things about 60000 times faster. I also have never been so tired in my life. We rode to this one pueblo a little far and i was so surprised when people let us in their house because we were so worked. 

We also have a bunch of new things that our mission is changing. Normally our key indicators are contacts, lessons with member, new people, and investigators in the church. Now we are only going to count lessons with member, new people, and investigators in the church with a baptismal date. I think it’s going to help our mission a ton. 

Isidro didn’t get baptized. Long story but he has a doubt so in a few weeks.

Irene (our investigator) was sitting by me at church during fast and testimony meeting and she told me that she feels like she needs to get up and say something but she’s too nervous. I told her just to do it. So she gets up and she bore her testimony about how she has seen miracles in her life and it is all thanks to this gospel. She also said I have seen a ton of other churches but I know that God is only in this one. Hahaha a little palo is what we call that one. She is so awesome.

ALSO MIRACLE WITH GUIDO!!!! He is the dad of the familia fica who we eat with a lot and he is the only one in the fam who isn’t a member. The night before New Year’s Eve we had free and we were allowed to eat with a family and celebrate. We ate with their family and we went around the table and said our best moment of 2015. He said that his was getting to know this church and he now realizes that it is perfect and he is going to get baptized. I couldn’t believe my ears. I love their family so much.

These are just a few of my favorite parts of this week out of hundreds. I love you all so much and thanks for everything that you guys do for me.

Love you all the way from Chile!


Hermana Kleinman

pretty Gorbea and my bike. Ps i was using pants because it's pday

We ate a lamb that I watched get killed. and this is Hermana Rowden

my comp the MAQUINA Moran and our bikes. good times

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