Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 29 (December 21)


That´s what everyone says to me in the streets here. Haha it´s so cute.

I am SOOO stoked to see you guys over skype!! Google hangout sounds perfect. We are going to skype at a partial member’s house. They are the ones who feed us 3 times a week. Familia Fica. I think we are going to skype around 8 our time so that is like 5 or 4 your time? I want to see alllllll of the family and hopefully the new baby?!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER!!

I am glad that you guys are doing missionary work and are pumped about it. That makes me so happy!!
This week was SO AWESEOME!!! We seriously had a week of miracles I don’t even know where to begin with everything. I think I can just explain over skype to you guys.

We found this family who are inactive but just wait.........she has 20 siblings. 20!!!!!!!!!!! Who all live in this one pueble called quitratue in our sector. We hit it off with her and her husband. Wait that sounds so weird. But she is so happy that we found her. Part of her family are members and part of her fam aren’t. We have major plans to baptize and reactivate with this family. We are so so excited. 

The members are helping a ton and it is making a huge difference. Our Branch President went away to work for a few months so we just have our First Counselor. Haha it is so fun being in a Branch. Our goal is to make it a ward one day. Why not?

I can’t wait to see you all this Christmas!! 

Love you all the whole world full and more.
Isais 9:6


Hermana Kleinman

Random things that we see here in Gorbea everyday 
I am thinking about living here forever. Hope you are all down to move here one day family!!

Miguel gave us these our first lesson after his confirmation and we were crying because he is SO happy and looked so much different but a happy different.

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