Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 28 (December 14)

So many things happened this week. I am going to make a bullet list story.
1.     I was thinking of Blanca, our miracle in Angol on Monday and I looked at the list of people who got baptized and SHE GOT BAPTIZED!! It was really cool because the night before I left to Gorbea we had a lesson with her and she was crying and told us that she has this happiness with her that she has never felt before. We explained to her that this gospel brings this happiness. She cried some more and said this is my answer I want to be baptized. And three weeks later she was.

2.      Miguel made us lunch one day with a bunch of uncooked meat. We got SOOO sick.

3.     We woke up one morning and drove to Angol for our Christmas Conference with President and alllll of our mission. IT WAS SO AWESOME. I learned so much and we ate really good normal American food.

4.      We had some really cool lessons this week and found some really awesome new investigators.

5.      anndddd Miguel and Maciel were baptized!!!! Basically all of our Branch came to the baptism and it was so golden. We had lots of struggles with the water but finally got some to come out.

6.     We were praying all week to find a family to teach and on Sunday this man came named Jose Luis. We talked to him and he was like yeah come on over today. We went and bam. All of his family was sitting there waiting to listen to us. SOOO AWESOME. And he saw Miguel get confirmed and he told us that he wants that. Miracles everywhere.

7.......and last but the best......HERMANA MORAN IS STAYING IN GORBEA AND WE HAVE MORE WEEKS TOGETHER!!! We are soooooo so so happy!!

There were probably a lot more points that I missed in my week but this was the jist, gist, ? I dont remember how to spell. woops.
I am so excited for everything that is happening here and I am so happy to be a missionary. Every morning I wake up and I get so excited to be here. 
Love you all the whole world full!!!

Hermana Kleinman 


The Christmas Conference and I got to see Hermana Rich!!!!!

Miguel Gaete and Maciel!!! 

My district and after hours we finally got some water to come out of the font...
after hours of struggle

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