Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 15 (September 14) Hello Hello One Too Tree

My subject refers to all of the Chilean men who try and speak English to us...apparently that is all we know how to say. Haha

This week i learned a ton. It was national slash worldwide (I don’t know which one) service day and I hope you guys all got to do some service because I know that I for sure did! Usually when we see someone working in their yard, they don’t let us help them. But this week the Chileans must have been eating something different because EVERYONE let us help! Mom- thank you for teaching me how to pull weeds like a pro because we pulled thousands. It was awesome though because then we got to know the people and then they invited us in and then we taught them! Win Win situation. But yeah shout out to service for getting us some nuevos.

Best part about this week though, Viviana and MariaIgnacia came to church again!! Last week was cute. We had a lesson and we explained the BofM to them and the importance of it. The next time we came for a lesson, Maria ran to her room and came back with her BofM and showed us how her and her mom had been reading a chapter a day, marking verses they liked and then applying it to their life. How cool?? They are loving church and the people and this gospel. Seriously just two solid people.

One of our other investigators also came to church. Marcella. We visited her with a member before so now I am for sure convinced that it changes everything. She is super awesome. The only thing is that she started kindergarten when she was 10 and only has up to 5th grade for education so it is hard for her to understand lots of things BUT she loved how she felt when she was at church and how she feels when we come. one day we went to her house for a lesson and she came out with her makeup done and this dress on and said I wanted to show you guys that I know how to get ready for church!¨SO CUTE! Go Marcella.

We had a zone conference with President and Hermana Bluth on Friday and it was just what our zone needed to get a little pump up. My first ZC!!

Also my week was even better because i got your package family!! Everything I asked you for last week was in it. Seriously thanks!! Plus the Laura bars. YES.

Courtney this one goes to you. We found this 78 year old grandma and taught her for a sec. she is addicted to playing candy crush on her computer hahaha

Fun fact: not sure if this is a fact but some Chilean told us that it is a law to put a Chilean flag out this week because of September 18. HUGE holiday here. Hopefully I don’t gain 30 more pounds.

Anyways gotta go get my tooth fixed. Love you all!


Hermana Kleinman

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