Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 16 (September 21)

SOooo I found out that my fact of last week is definitely a real fact and it is for sure a law here to have a chilean flag out on the 18th. The 18th here is kind of like our Fourth of July except it isn’t their Independence Day so I don’t know why they celebrate it but it was SO COOL. We werent allowed to work that day because there are drunk men (barrachos) everywhere and a bunch of Ramada’s. But we went to a parade and then we had lunch at a member’s house and they taught us some chilean traditional games and then took us to fly kites!
We had some awesome lessons with Viviana y maria Ignacia this week. Viviana cried in one of the lessons because she was just telling us how she felt about this góspel and it was super sweet.

Oh my gosh our Ward had a Ward activity this week to celebrate the 18th and it was AWESOME. Seriously, everyone participated and investigators came. We got there and Viviana and Mariaignacia had gotten there early to help set up. What? Even members don’t do that.

We were walking to an cita one day and we found Nico ( the boy who just got baptized) he accompanied us all day and he cried in one of the lessons as he was sharing his testimony about how going to church has helped him in his life. HE IS THE BEST. Then after we were walking in the Street and he asked us our fears and we told him and then he told us that his number one fear was dying before he gets to go on his mission. Who says that? Nico does.

Oh my gosh again. We were contacting with this member named MariaPaz and we found this girl named MariaPaz. This was two weeks ago. Yesterday we finally had a cita with her and her mom while our member friend was accompanying us again and MariaPaz the investigator is SO COOL. She told us that she has always wanted to go to our church but she didn’t know if she could walk in with YOU CAN. And now she wants to go to seminary as well. So hopefully she progresses.

Lots of cool things are happening here in Angol. Hahaha dad I loved your story about the Candy bars! I possibly might try the same thing....

Lola had puppies! ahhhh they are so cute! My love of dogs though is dwindling away sorry fam. only Lola and teddy are still cute to me. Sorry molly.

Fun fact of the week: nobody can pronounce Kleinman here. It’s really funny actually.

Love you all!! You are in all of my prayers.


Hermana Kleinman

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