Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 18 (October 5)

SO many miracles this week. It would take hours to write them all but I want to tell you guys about one of them. So we have been feeling like we need to knock these gated communities in our area but they are difficult because they never ever open. One night we had this feeling to go knock them. The door was just open. We knocked every door and people kept threatening to call the carbies or the police on us (that probably would end bad because I don’t have my carnet and I am technically illegal haha) but we were like no we need to keep knocking. The last door in the area. We got in! wooo! Usually we start with lesson 1 the restoration unless something tells us no. We both felt something scream NOOO! So then here is an example of how cool the spirit is. I had this sentence about families pop into my head and right then it came out of my companion’s mouth. Literally word for word. We looked at the woman Emma we were teaching and tears started coming down her face. She got up and grabbed a picture of her dad. She told us that her dad had died exactly a month ago and she has been struggling with it. We then shared a scripture with her in Pedro (peter) and in this mini bible that my comp has and she said ¨that is the same bible that my dad had! and his name is pedro!!¨ WHAT. The spirit was soooo strong. We taught her to pray at the end and while she was praying her two year old son kept saying ¨mom you are with the spirit! Mom the spirit!!¨ It was honestly my favorite lesson that i have had here in the mission. Maybe not number one but in the top ten for sure. 

We had our awesome investigators come to conference and it was awesome. I really had to rely on the spirt to help me understand what was being said because we watched all of the sessions in Spanish but I went in with questions and definitely received all of my answers. SO many good talks and the three new apostles seem awesome. 

OH YEAH! We have cambios tomorrow and my mom of the mission Hermana Rich is leaving to lomas (it means loins. She’s not too thrilled about that one) to be a capacitadora (i called it. she is SO awesome) I am really sad that I have to say bye to her tomorrow buttttt I will see her again because she still has lots of time left in the mish. I am staying in Angol and my new comp is going to be Hermana Meeds. I have heard she is really cool and she was just a capacitadora (sister training leader in English?) but she is from Utah! I can’t wait to meet her!

Oh yeah I went to the dentist and he finally fixed my tooth. But he fixed it with a metal cap with the white stuff on top so it’s like double the firmness. Mom I know you don’t like metal but I kind of just went with it. 

This cambio is going to be awesome and we are going to see tons of miracles.

I am so thankful for the companionship of the spirt. Our life is so much better when we are in tune with the spirit. The spirit has been one of my best friends here these past four months and I hope I can keep it with me for the rest of my life!! i love you guys!!

OHHHHH WAIT WE FELT ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE!!! It was like 3 am and i woke up because my bed was shaking and then I yelled at my companion to wake up and we sat there freaking out for like a good minute. it was only like a 4.2 so no worries there.


Hermana Kleinman

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