Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 20 (October 19) -- I still do not have pulgas

Helloooo. I still don’t have pulgas aka fleas and that is a miracle! woohoo!!

But dad I loved your experiences that you put in your letter to me this week! SO cool what?! Why have I never heard those before? 

So update on Macarena. She still is the coolest ever in the whole world. In one of our lessons with her she said that she told all of her friends and family that she is going to be baptized into the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and she said that they all asked why. She said that she told them because she felt it in her heart that it was true. EHHHH MACARENA EH! But really. She came to church again and brought her little sister. She is progressing at the speed of lightning.

We got to watch the ground breaking of the temple in Conce and it was awesome. Some awesome talks on the temple and I know I only have like 5 months in the mission but I miss the temple so much. Also it’s SPRING TIME HERE FINALLY!!! Woohooo! The sun is out and people are happier and I don’t have to wear tights! It is a miracle! But the weather is turning out good. 

This cambio has been awesome in these past two weeks. We have found so many news and seen so many miracles. Maria Paz and Hernan are still doing awesome. Probably going to get baptized soon. Sorry this is short but I gotta send some pictures. Love you all!!

Also go BYU! And sad for ASU. 


Hermana Kleinman

My comp Hermana Meads

Awkward Picture of me and a bird

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