Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 7 (July 20, 2015)

So WOW!  So much has happened since I last got to email you guys. The last week in the CCM was awesome. We got to go out and contact people and then we got to go on splits with the sister missionaries in the Santiago East mission. They taught me lots and it was such a cool experience! It made me pumped for the real deal field. Well I am basically the luckiest person in the whole entire world because my trainer is AWESOME. Seriously she is so so so so out of this world cool. For example, I came home for the first time to our house and she decorated our room with balloons and gifts and our first morning together she made us banana pancakes! I love her so much! Also she is such an amazing missionary. She has been teaching me soooooo much. She is just an all-around good example to me and I feel so blessed to have her as my mom on the mish!

We live with 4 other hermanas in this house that is pretty big for Chile! They are all so nice. Two of them are the sister zone leaders and all of them are just so great. The weather here is super super cold and it does rain a lot but I love it! It is so weird because when it rains the earth just soaks up all of the water, kind of crazy. The members here feed us like Kings. Kings not Queens. The portions are gigantic but the food is so yummy!!

The people here are awesome. My trainer really is a good example to me of just talking to everyone. We have hit our contacting goal every single day which is cool and it is just fun to talk to people in the streets. Some guy ran up to us and was saying like its you! its you! and we were so confused but then we realized he wasn’t some golden contact but he just thought I was the girl from the little house on the prairie hahaha.

The dogs here are actually insane and there are probably 700 on every street.

Our ward is super cool there are about 70 members in it and I had to get up this Sunday and introduce myself. Scary but I did it! my Spanish is improving slowly but surely. 

MIRACLE! There is this boy named Nicholas and he is getting baptized this Saturday! He is beyond prepared and is so so so awesome. He brings people to church and just loves everything about the gospel. We have seen so many small miracles this week it has been amazing. I love this work so much!!! I love being a missionary. I would encourage everyone in the whole world to go on a mission!


Hermana Kleinman

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  1. Love reading her letters, thanks for sharing! She sounds wonderful!!!